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best of 2005:

1) jamie lidell / multiply / warp

2) final fantasy / has a good home / blocks


3) antony and the johnsons / i am a bird now / secretly canadian

sasha pafos / lasttex mix - free download

track listing:
01 Das Bierbeben - Staub (Robag Wruhmes Im-Brokklio-Staub-Wisch-Remix) [Shitkatapult]
02 Luciano & Mathew Jonson - Alpine Rocket [Perlon]
03 Jeremy P. Caulfield - Grotbox (Alex Smoke Remix) [Dumb-Unit]
04 Robag Wruhme - Mensur [Musik Krause]
05 Dominik Eulberg - Der Totenkopfschwärmer Im Bienenstock [Traum Schallplatten]
06 Pan/Tone - Radio Dispatch [BiP_HOp]
07 Alex Under - Tormenta De Cerebros [Trapez]
08 Sweet 'n Candy - Marzipan [Regular]
09 Alex Under - Jerome Y Alex [Cmyk Musik]
10 Basteroid - Dawaj Dawaj [Sender Records]
11 Ryan Crosson - Junk Mail [Tic Tac Toe Records]
12 Berlin By Night - Living On Video (Extended Mix) [Z.O.M.T.A. Music]
13 Frank Martiniq - Extrashark [Boxer Recordings]
14 Quarks - Allein (Augen Zu Und Durch) (Sascha Funke remix) [Home Records GmbH]

new order / blue monday / flunk remix - download




the orb / okie dokie, it's the orb on kompakt /

How can this album not be good? The title, Okie Dokie… admits an attitude of, "Well, here it is in all its varied glory!" That's what we get: an album that displays all the flavour of seasoned rave veterans modern and focused enough to fit on the Kompakt label. Okie Dokie delivers Thomas Felmann's familar polka-shuffle tracks but also delivers soft, cloudy rave-down moments that are simply gorgeous and classic Orb. Recommended!
listen: kan kan
listen: kompagna (zandkik mix)

various / pop ambient 2006 / kompakt
The best pop ambient release yet!
boomkat review
listen: albtros / kohncke/heimermann
listen: come to where i go / dirk leyers

the dolls (vladislav delay, agf, craig armstrong) / the dolls / huume

The Dolls is the collaborative project of Vladislav Delay, AGF, and Craig Armstrong, and together the three have created an album that is the sum of all three artists' visions. The leadoff cut, "Martini Never Dries," sounds like it could have been left off Massive Attack's landmark Protection album, with its dark, distorted beats, lilting beautiful piano lines, and AGF's smokey vocal delivery. If you are familiar with these three artists' output then you definitely know what to expect here, but it is done so well, and so meticulously that the debut album from the Dolls is definitely a very pleasant surprise, and a must have for fans of Portishead.
download: the dolls / pop stars
download: the dolls / martini never dries

thomas brinkmann / lucky hands / max ernst
boomkat review
listen: jacknot
listen: margins

mi and l'au / mi and l'au / young god

Mi and L'au met and fell in love in Paris. They then decided to move to the woods of Finland, "so they could be alone together in peace and to spend their time discovering each other and their music. They live in a small cabin in complete isolation with the barest of essentials and they spend virtually all their time making music together in solitude." The intimacy of this album is almost awkward, as though you shouldn't be in the room with them but you can't seem to make a move either way. The quiet vocals from both Mi and L'au are generally accompanied by the delicate strum of the guitar and, at times, the light and sound of what appears to be a sinister carnival off in the distance. It is the kind of album you carry with you long after listening.
listen: they marry
listen: philosopher
download: older

jake fairley / blood from a stone / sender
free download

jake fairley / boozing + losing / dumb-unit
free download

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